Wryst Introduces New Silicon Straps

WRYST Straps

I just got word from Wryst that their new silicone sport straps are available and as you can see they look fantastic. Unlike their first edition straps (which were good straps in and of themselves), these new straps are bi-color, with a colored accent stripe running along the edges of the strap and a nice hefty black steel buckle.  It is a unique design and it looks awesome.  Wryst has done a great job of enhancing its identity code and further appealing to extreme sports junkies and thrill-seekers.

Wryst FW5 Orange New Strap

Wryst Orange Rubber Sport Strap

Perpetuelle readers may recall my first encounter with WRYST — when I reviewed the brand’s limited edition Airborne FW5 model many months ago (if you haven’t seen my video+photo review, you can check it out here).  The strap on that watch was an orange mono-color silicon strap (a black strap was also included) — but FW5 owners may now want to enhance their collection with this new bi-color strap.

In addition to the black and orange combo, other colors are offered — as shown below.  Order yours today at http://www.wryst-timepieces.com/en/2-sport-watch-strap

Wryst Yellow Rubber Sport Strap on FW4

Wryst Red Rubber Sport Strap on FW6

In other news, WRYST Founder Jacques Fournier informs me that the brand is doing very well on their first collections — although they are doing only small production runs (75 pieces per model), they expect to be completely sold out by October of this year.  The brand has a very bold and distinct look that does not appeal to everyone, but Wryst knows this and they are not afraid to remain bold and go after the specific type of customer they want to appeal to.

Now, the good news for you Wryst fans who missed out the first time around, the brand will be launching three new collections in 2014 including at least one with an automatic mechanical ETA caliber in it which will be limited to just 50 pieces. I’m excited to see what the new pieces look like — stay tuned for further announcements as soon as I get the info.

Editor’s Note:  Wryst was an advertiser on this site as of the date this article was published.


  • goju1

    An original design and the straps integrate well into the watches.