Vintage Heuer Silverstone Bordeaux 110.313R

Heuerville — a new favorite on my reading list (check it out!) — brings us a very nice look at a beautiful Heuer Silverstone Bordeaux dial, circa 1975.  More looks and the story on this beauty, just pay a friendly visit to Heuerville (I like your taste in Heuer, Stewart!).  On a related note, don’t miss my hands-on with some of the Silverstone re-issues from 2010.

Vintage Heuer Silverstone Bordeaux

pics:  Heuerville


  • Mary

    I really love the design of this watch. The unique Silverstone model on bordeaux strap from 2010 (reissued in benefit of Green Cross International) was truly impressive.

  • Mahmoud El-Darwish

    Must have been reading my mind… or my vintage watch feature. After loving my humble vintage edox, this TAG would definitely get the nod from me!

  • David_reed31


    I was wondering if you had any knowledge or information on a
    Vintage Heuer  that is for sale on eBay:

    Why is it fetching such a high value?

    Thanks in advance for your

    • Perpetuelle

      hi @c2516db8906c4409c920f9bd720cb34e:disqus sorry but I do not know why the watch you point to is fetching such a price.