Vacheron Constantin Philosophia
by Kyle Stults on September 01, 2010


“Eventually, you reach a point when you want what others don’t have,” says Dominique Bernaz, director of Vacheron Constantin’s Atelier Cabinotiers.  Indeed.  Vacheron’s Atelier Cabinotiers is the manufacture’s special-order division established in 2006 to serve its most exclusive clients (more on Atelier Cabinotiers here).  Be it a unique dial or an entirely proprietary movement, Atelier Cabinotiers can make it happen.  For a multi-million dollar price tag, of course.

It goes without saying that at this high level of watch collecting, discretion is part of the unwritten rule of conduct.  In other words, it is likely that the existence of most of the spectacular commissioned creations of Atelier Cabinoteirs are not widely known.  They do not it make it into a press release or watch magazine — they exist solely for the pleasure and enjoyment of their wealthy owners.   What a nice surprise and pleasure it is then that the owner of this watch, the Vacheron Constantin Philosophia, has agreed to allow a glimpse of his (or her) amazing watch over at Vacheron’s self-hosted discussion forum.

Vacheron Constantin Philosophia

(pre-production graphic)

Minute repeater, Moon Phase, Power Reserve, Tourbillon

The word on  The Hour Lounge is that the owner’s original idea for this piece was to have a tourbillon minute repeater with no hands.  For reasons unknown to me, though, the owner obviously decided to add one hand (it advances in 24h cycles) and a moonphase indicator.  The base movement is Vacheron’s Caliber 2755, appropriately modified.  Most other details of the watch remain unknown, but I think the price was easily >$1 million.

Vacheron Constantin Philosophia, No. 1/1 (Un/Un)

personalized power reserve indicator on the caseback showing the Big Dipper constellation

Pretty cool, eh?