Vacheron Constantin 1972 Prestige (Live Pics)

1.64mm ultra-thin caliber 1003…

VC 1972 Prestige Angleview

above photo: VC The Hour Lounge

Vacheron 1972 Prestige Boutiqe Special

For the opening of Vacheron Constantin’s new Paris flagship boutique in Paris, the brand revisited a distinct model from its past to create the 1972 Prestige.  The new Prestige is part of the asymmetrical “1972” collection and was inspired by the original from 1972.  Though, this modern day version features the Geneva Seal and has the ultra-thin VC hand-wound caliber 1003 made of gold (same as in the Historiques 1955).  It will be offered in two variations — including a 40-piece boutique-only edition, shown above.  The Vacheron Constantin 1972 Prestige price is $40,000.  Despite its asymmetry, it is actually a rather elegant watch (see wrist shot below).

Vacheron Constantin 1972 Prestige

Production model (left); limited edition 40-piece boutique exclusive (right)

25mm x 47mm asymmetrical white gold case (8.72mm thick), hallmark of Geneva, hand-wound VC cal 1003

grey dial / rose gold hands

Vacheron 1972 Prestige On Wrist

VC 1972 Prestige Dial Closeup

above photo: VC The Hour Lounge

According to Vacheron, the original 1972 was made in a very limited series with a caseback engraved with the Prestige de la France coat of arms, so as to commemorate the award given to the prestigious watch manufacture by the Comite de France.

The 1972 Prestige featured here is, like the original, embellished with the Prestige de la France on the caseback.  The case dimensions, though proportionally the same, are slightly larger than the original.  Both are in accordance with the Golden Ratio, a formula which is known to yield aesthetically pleasing objects — hence its use by artists and architects for many many years now.

VC 1972 Prestige

Vacheron Constantin 1972 Prestige Dial Closeup

The 1972 Prestige is offered in white gold with a grey satin-finished sunburst dial with subtle chevron motifs.

Vacheron 1972 Prestige Watch

Vacheron 1972 Prestige in White Gold

The boutique-only model has a silvered dial and glossy black strap.

VC 1972 Prestige Flatview

above photo: VC The Hour Lounge

Vacheron 1972 Prestige Boutiqe Special Sideview

VC Caliber 1003

If you want to see more hands-on pics, jump on over to this page at The Hour Lounge, Vacheron’s self-hosted forum.

Did You Know?

Vacheron Caliber 1003 was developed starting in 1952 and introduced on the company’s two-hundredth birthday in 1955.  To this day, it remains the thinnest mechanical hand-wound movement on the market.  Of note is that with the original caliber 1003 of 1955 the engineers and watchmakers decided to forgo shock protection on the escape wheel so as to maintain the thinnest execution possible; however in the early 90s watchmaking techniques enabled the addition of shock protection without increasing the calibers height.

On this occasion, Vacheron Constantin has chosen to use a revisited version of this calibre.  It remains only 1.64 mm thick – still a record for thinness on the market. In contrast, its finishes are more sophisticated than in the early days, because now the bridges and plate are made of 18K gold.  Its 117 components work at a frequency of 18,000 vph, and despite its minuscule size it has a power reserve of over 30 hours.  It is meticulously finished: applying the Côtes de Genève motif,circular graining and bevelling of the components, and drawing of the steel parts is all done entirely by hand.

Read more about the Caliber 1003 and other Vacheron ultra-thin calibers here, at the brand’s Hour Lounge Forum.

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