Urwerk UR-103 Phoenix for ONLY WATCH 2011

Phoenix Rising…

Continuing my previews of the one-of-a-kind watches to be auctioned for ONLY WATCH 2011, today we look at the Urwerk UR-103 Phoenix.  It is a visually stunning watch from the very first glance, with white gold case that has been hand-decorated by master engraver and artist Jean-Vincent Huguenin (he’s no stranger to Urwerk).  I think the “Phoenix Rising” motif is a great choice both for its fit with the UR-103 case style and for the noble cause of the Only Watch event (proceeds go toward research for the debilitating disease known as Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy).  If you are not familiar with the Phoenix, it is one of the great symbols of mythology representing rebirth, a life that is never conquered by death, always rising from the ashes to fly again (more Wikipedia, Google).

It’s a spectacular piece for a great cause.  Nicely done, Urwerk!

Via: Revo-Online.

Urwerk UR-103 “Phoenix”

Unique Piece

Says watch artist and URWERK co-founder Martin Frei:

In our daily lives we all have objects that are slightly talismanic. We love to have them at our side, in touching distance. Without giving them a mystical value, we assign them a virtue, an ‘aura’. With this in mind, we have designed the UR-103 as a veritable talisman – a source of energy for its future owner.

Master Engraver Jean-Vincent Huguenin decorating the UR-103 Phoenix