Update: DuBois et fils Crowdfunding Effort A Success

The Crowdfunded Swiss Watch Brand…

Remember DuBois et fils, the Swiss watch brand that was trying to crowdfund its startup to the tune of 1.5 million Swiss francs?  Well, in an incredible testament to the vision of leader Thomas Steinemann, it looks like they have all but accomplished this goal.  DuBois reported this week that almost 1.4 million Swiss francs has been raised from nearly 200 investors in 14 countries.   I first introduced DuBois et fils to Perpetuelle readers on September 25, 2012.  At that time, the brand had received capital commitments of 162,000 Swiss Francs.  This means that in just over three months the interest in DuBois spread like wildfire and DuBois raised 1.2 million Swiss Francs, bringing the total to current 1.4 million.  Amazing.

The big picture idea here was to offer watch lovers the opportunity to become part of the revitalization of one of the oldest Swiss watch brands and the oldest Swiss watch factory by helping fund the company.  DuBois has undoubtedly helped its own cause by a) having an interesting history and being able to lay claim to the impressive tagline “Oldest Watch Factory In Switzerland” and b) revealing two superb concept designs that will be offered to collectors (pictured below).

According to DuBois, “the first two mechanical chronographs offer precision, love for the detail, and precisely manufactured Swiss watch movements.”   Further, “This has been DuBois et fils’ basic principle of work since 1785, and we are committed to continue this tradition,” says Thomas Steinemann.

Other models are under preparation and will be presented shortly, including a collection equipped with historic watch movements from the storage of DuBois et fils.   All editions of DuBois et fils are limited to 99 pieces, and crowdfunders (owners) enjoy considerable discounts on the watches – one of the benefits of investing in the company.    Investment as small as 500 Swiss francs up to 10,000 Swiss francs are accepted.

If you want to get in on the action, check it out over at www.duboisfils.ch.

“There was neither experience nor statistical data that could serve as guiding landmarks. Our objective was the integration of the market as our own brand ambassadors who are also a part of the company. Crowdfunding turned out to be the only viable way,” says the watch expert Steinemann. Experience in brand launching and product design as well as numerous consulting mandates with leading watch manufacturers allow Thomas Steinemann to guide the company with the long history of almost 225 years to a new future.

I congratulation Steinemann and DuBois et fils on success to-date, and I wish them only the very best in what is a fiercely competitive luxury watch marketplace.  And of course I will keep Perpetuelle readers up on any pertinent developments!

Again, learn more at www.duboisfils.ch.

Oh — one last thing — due to the high cost of complying with the labrythine web of regulations here in the good ole’ USA (“we’re from the Government, and we’re here to help”, right?), DuBois is not accepting contributions from US-based persons.  Sorry.