Unveiled: LINDE WERDELIN Hard Black DLC II

A sharp looking piece from a brand that “gets it”

Check out Linde Werdlin‘s “Hard Black DLC II” below.   Looks good, eh?  I love the yellow stitching on the strap and the look of the DLC case with yellow accents is well, awesome!  Of course this watch is fully compatible with Linde Werdelin’s instruments – the Rock (for you Alpinists and other extreme-adventurists) and the Reef (for you Divers), making it full on ready for all out adventure.  If you like this watch I would recommend that you get your order in fast (supposedly the watch is available for pre-order on LindeWerdelin.com, but I do not see the link!!) because LW does seem to have a strong following and it produces limited quantities of each of its watches (in fact there will only be 88 of the Hard Black DLC II watches made).  One thing that would make this watch better is if it had a manufacture movement in it rather than an ETA 2892 (what can I say — I’m a sucker for independents who produce their own movments!).

Linde Werdelin’s Hard Black DLC II

(That’s DLC as in “diamond like carbon” for all you watch newbies – it makes the watch more scratch resistant and it looks cool)

46mm x 49mm case, 300m water resistance

I think it is also time to say that Linde Werdelin  is a brand on the rise, and for all the right reasons.   First and foremost, the brand’s namesake founders, Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin, are producing some very exciting watches that are harmonized with specialized instruments for the adventurous.  The watches have their own unique look and are designed with function in mind as well.  Form and function – 2 things any watch enthusiast should appreciate – particularly when they come together.

Another reason that Linde Werdelin excites me is that they “get it” when it comes to online and social media – something that very few watch brands do today.  They are actively engaged on Twitter (follow @aphroditek) and Facebook, they publish their own blog, and they also have a fairly functional website.  And finally,  you can buy their watches online (direct through their website) or through an authorized dealer, and they have a really cool “try before buy” program in which you can test one of their watches and instruments risk free for 5 days (something I hope to do myself).  Bottom line:  they are positioned well for the watch world in which we now live, and have the hallmarks of a brand that exudes “customer first”.  If you operate a smaller/lower volume, independent watch brand today, these things are essential, in my view.  Keep up the good work, Linde Werdelin, and keep those watches coming!

If you have any first-hand experience with Linde Werdelin watches, leave a comment below with your thoughts!

  • http://thefilmnest.com The Rake

    No first hand experience with LW. I looked them up a few weeks back after seeing their ad and writeup in IW. Striking pieces with a unique brand experience it seems. As for the beauty above, did they at least tweak the ETA to their liking? What is the price of the piece? Thanks.
    The Rake

    • Kyle S.

      The Rake:

      Hello again thanks for dropping by.

      The movement is actually an ETA 2892-A2. I don’t think it has been modified, but not 100% on that.

      Price is EUR 4,920, or about $7,000 at current exchange rates.

      I hope to have some more pics of the above watch soon.


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