Tissot Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary Watch (Video)

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Tissot Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary Watches

For the its 160th anniversary, Tissot is issuing a “heritage” version of its 1953 Navigator world time watch.  The original was itself created itself created to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary.  The new version has been modernized a bit — most notably a 43mm case vs. 36mm on the original.  But the dial retains the old Tissot logo and overall has a nice touch of vintage elegance to it.  Collectors looking to create a new/old pair, I’ve included a link to a 1953 original below as well.

Tissot Navigator (1953)

Tissot Heritage Navigator 1953

Tissot Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary (2013)

43mm steel case

Tissot Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary Silver Dial

Set the watch to the any one of the cities of your choice and the corresponding time zone is shown by the numbers engraved on the bezel.

Tissot Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary Black DialDriven by a COSC-certified automatic chronometer movement (ETA 2893), visible through the display back.

Tissot Heritage Navigator 1953 Anniversary watch Silver Dial

No word on pricing yet, but this should be a very affordable world time watch, I’d guess $2,000 or less.

Official details from Tissot, here.

If you are interested in scooping up one of the originals from the 1950s, this guy at Farfo.com might be a good place to start — the piece currently listed is already sold, but he has sold similar pieces in the past and who knows, maybe he can help you find another one.


  • Gomez

    This heritage watch looks nice, but in reality a piece of garbage. I bought one in November 2013, but from the beginning it was bad. First it was extremely fast (30sec/day). So I took it back to regulate. They told me in the official service that it was put together as shit. They corrected it and they said it is ok now. This was not true. Actually since the beginning the second bezel (time zone disk) was not synchronized wth the main time and was not possible to adjust it. In addition it started to be late( 20-25 sec/day). I took it back, they said that they cannot be repaired on the spot, but it has to be sent to the central service to Switzerland. It will take 6 weeks. This is terrible from tissot no quality contour and sell garbage for more than 1000€. Do not buy it!

    • http://www.perpetuelle.com/ Perpetuelle

      Sorry to hear of your negative experience with this watch. Thanks for sharing your feedback.

  • Simon

    My tissot luxury automatic COSC powermatric 80 also suffers late 30sec / day. I wonder how tissot can grand the COSC cert.