The $250 (Digital) Tourbillon, by Slyde
by Kyle Stults on February 21, 2013

Slyde Tourbillon Watch

I consider HD3, maker of the Slyde watch, to be an experiment of sorts.  Can there be sustainable demand for a virtual digital luxury watch such as the one created by Jorg Hysek?  Perhaps there can, but with all the talk of Apple moving into the digital watch market (Eric Limer, Gizmodo), it will be interesting to see if high-end pieces like the Slyde watch (~$5,000) can carve out a niche in the digital segment which, if dominated by the likes of Apple, will most certainly offer a whole lot more for a whole lot less.

I raise this topic in light of my recent visit over to the Slyde website, where I noticed that the brand now offers owners the ability to purchase new “virutal engines” for their Slyde watches.    For example you can acquire your very own (virtual) tourbillon for 250 Swiss Francs.  There are four other distinct styles, ranging from “free” to a more modest 30 Swiss Francs.

The cool thing is, not only can you get the “tourbillon” virtual engine for 250, but it is also a Jump-Hour Retrograde Split-Seconds Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase.  Among other complications.  There’s no limit!

Slyde Watch Client Area

You can check out all the Slyde virutal engines here, on the Slyde Shop>>>

HD3 Slyde Watch

Various modules shown

Slyde Virtual Engines