“Speedometer” Rolex Bezel-Inspired Bangles

Speedometer Official bracelets black

Wow, what a cool concept — the “Speedometer Official” bracelet by Swift Company S.r.l. of Torino, Italy.  Bracelets for men or women, with designs that mimic the bezels of famous Rolex watches.  Designer Marco Gatti did a really nice job with the design and production.  I can see these really catching like wildfire, but we’ll see.  Would it be possible for Rolex to assert trademark privileges if they so desired?  Rolex is known for aggressively protecting their marks.  Hopefully not, because this is a super cool product.

Price is 119€ for regular editions, 159€ for the black versions.  Shipping is free to Europe, 10€ eleswehere.  Other “famous” bezels are surely in the works.  http://www.speedometerofficial.com/

“One size fits all, made of nickel-free marine steel, minded, designed and produced in Italy”

Speedometer Official Logo

Speedometer Official bracelets stack

Speedometer Official Classic green

Speedometer Official bracelet notchingSpeedometer Official Classic black Speedometer bracelet black with submariner

Speedometer Official coke bracelet


  • Jake

    I’m thinking that Rolex will ignore these. They aggressively protect their brand name (think Rolex deli now named ROLL-X deli). However, they do not really protect their designs. The Submariner is one of the most homaged watches in the world but Rolex does not really do anything about it. Therefore, I think these will go over without any problems.

  • Alan

    These are nice, but their shop requires me to input my social security number to register. That seems a bit too sketchy to me… I’ll pass.

    • http://www.perpetuelle.com/ Perpetuelle

      Yea — I saw that! clearly amateur hour with that. I just entered 555-55-5555 and it worked. even so, probably best to wait until they get the e-commerce tightened up before you go dropping credit card details there way.

  • goju1

    They look good. Not sure if I’d wear one (don’t wear bangles now). I do like them though.
    One factor to influence their success would be the quality of the application of the ‘pattern’. If these things fade (like early model bezels) the appeal might fade too!
    There would seem to be no end to the number of variations…

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  • reub

    No man with a minimum of taste and style would ever wear these… Sorry to express my opinion so brutally but you all know I’m right :)

    • http://www.perpetuelle.com/ Perpetuelle

      haha. Time will tell! I think these will be popular with some women as well. But the key will be the Rolex nuts and what they think of them. I think they will sell well. No whether these customers would be considered taste and style conscious, well…that’s up for debate I suppose.