“Speedometer” Rolex Bezel-Inspired Bangles
by Kyle Stults on February 20, 2014

Speedometer Official bracelets black

Wow, what a cool concept — the “Speedometer Official” bracelet by Swift Company S.r.l. of Torino, Italy.  Bracelets for men or women, with designs that mimic the bezels of famous Rolex watches.  Designer Marco Gatti did a really nice job with the design and production.  I can see these really catching like wildfire, but we’ll see.  Would it be possible for Rolex to assert trademark privileges if they so desired?  Rolex is known for aggressively protecting their marks.  Hopefully not, because this is a super cool product.

Price is 119€ for regular editions, 159€ for the black versions.  Shipping is free to Europe, 10€ eleswehere.  Other “famous” bezels are surely in the works.  http://www.speedometerofficial.com/

“One size fits all, made of nickel-free marine steel, minded, designed and produced in Italy”

Speedometer Official Logo

Speedometer Official bracelets stack

Speedometer Official Classic green

Speedometer Official bracelet notchingSpeedometer Official Classic black Speedometer bracelet black with submariner

Speedometer Official coke bracelet