SIHH 2013 Panerai Collection

Full listing of 2013 Panerai watches, as a quick reference for PAM fans.  USD Pricing, production quantity will be added when avaialble.  CLICK ANY WATCH FOR PERPETUELLE COMMENTARY, SPECS, AND HIGH-RES IMAGES!

Perpetuelle Takeaways:  first, the somewhat controversial move by Panerai to introduce the Bronze PAM 507.  This depends on who you ask, of course.  But to be fair, there were indications that Panerai would not produce another Bronzo — CEO Bonati was noted in a September 2011 New York Times article as saying “the company had no plans to do more bronze watches” (scroll to very bottom).  But of course, a huge commercial hit the 382 was, and bronze became very sought after metal, and so… “plans change” it is fair to say.  That’s fine, perfectly acceptable in my book — you adapt to what the customers want.  But at least follow the big hit with something more creative.  The PAM 507 is really not that exciting — from the dial, all Panerai did was tack on a power reserve display to the PAM 382.

Beyond this, there was plenty of excitement to be found in the Panerai 2013 offering.  There are three new Submersible models, including a Ceramic Submersible and a 2500m titanium Submersible; and  new in-house chronograph calibre P.9100.  As well, we have the nicely sized PAM 512 and the Flyback PAM524, and I also like the look of the new Regatta timer PAM 526.  Feel free to share your thoughts below.


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PAM507 PAM 364
PAM508 PAM446



PAM 525 PAM524



PAM512 PAM513
PAM514 PAM515


  • WS

    Didn’t really feel the magic with Panerai at SIHH this year… only the pocket watch felt like a really noteworthy piece. Everything else felt like it was just building on previous models.