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Here is a look at a pair of watches from SEVENFRIDAY, a new brand out of Zurich.  I must confess that I reviewed these watches last September, but somehow my files took a short detour to the twilight zone.   I tell all, below.  Enjoy the video and pics.

As you see in my video review, I was not super excited about the watch when I reviewed it, mostly because I found it a bit hard to read.  Then again it is “only” a sub-$1,000 watch ($891.46, to be precise) with a Miyota  movement (automatic mechanical) in it — so perhaps my standards (and my relentless focus on high-end pieces) were a bit too high.  Anyway, who cares what I think! — here’s the thing — I have been seeing SEVENFRIDAY popping up on many many different important watch forums and websites that I read.   Turns out that people really like this watch for its industrial-yet-fashionable design, and its sub-$1,000 price tag.   And I think it comes down to this:  SEVENFRIDAY has done a great job getting their pieces into the hands of a lot of different influencers and enthusiasts who are in turn creating some nice buzz for the brand.  I hope it is translating into sales for SEVENFRIDAY.  This is what you have to do as a startup brand — gotta be creative and gotta hustle your watch out there and into people’s hands.  It is a monumental task, and I always pull for small watch startups who have a vision to make something big.


47 x 47.6mm steel case

 SevenFriday P1 Steel Black

SevenFriday Caseback

SevenFriday P1 Steel Case


 47 x 47.6mm grey PVD case

SevenFriday P2 Grey PVD

SevenFriday Cases

SevenFriday P2 PVD Case

One other thing:  since last September when I did my review, the company launched its third model, the P3.  I’ve included some images of the P3 below — it is the same design, but with some material upgrades and a great color set.  By far the most eye-catching model yet from the brand.


47 x 47.6mm black PVD case, silicone case wrap

SevenFriday P3 Watch Sideview SevenFriday P3 Watch

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