Seiko Discus Burger Up For Grabs

Friend of the house Monochrome is giving away a Seiko Discus Burger watch in celebration of their 5th year in the blogosphere.  For the 500 or so of you who were not lucky enough to win the Lum-Tec B4 Combat Watch that we here at Perpetuelle recently gave away (Thanks CGA!), I thought you might want to throw your hat in the ring to win this cool looking watch. 

Don’t let the funny sounding name fool you — it’s a pretty cool watch, particularly if you are into non-traditionally designed watches.   Go ahead, click through and enter to win your very own Seiko Discus Burger, courtesy of Monochrome!

  • GoJu

     Great to see the collaboration and camaraderie between blogs.
    I was keen to enter the competition but I’m not a fan of facebook, so if I’m ever going to own ‘burger’ then I guess I’m gonna have to pay with cash!
    Thanks for the alert though – very much appreciated!

  • Dan

     Awesome contest – love this watch! Thanks for sharing.

  • Christophe Amary

    Hi everybody,

    I want to buy it but i can find it???
    Thanks for your help

  • Ye Qing

    The most popular seiko  watche s, very fashionable feeling, thank you for your offer,  I believe that my friends will like it .