Rudis Sylva Harmonious Oscillator Part Deux (Video)

“Today, the tourbillon is beaten by the Harmonious Oscillator”

In my extensive introduction of Rudis Sylva just a couple months ago, I discussed in some detail the ostensibly revolutionary mechanics of the watch known as the Harmonious Oscillator.  The Harmonious Oscillator, with its two toothed, interlinked balances runs contrary to all conventional wisdom of watchmaking.  The conventional wisdom which would suggest that it is best to avoid as much stress as possible on the balances i.e. not do this to them:

Rudis Sylva Harmonious Oscillator

After my article I did get some interesting feedback and comments from someone involved in the watch industry, a person whose opinions I respect greatly.  The general tone was one of skepticism, that the Harmonious Oscillator could not work as advertised, it was absolutely contrary to everything generally known in watchmaking.  Well, that certainly got my attention and made me really curious about Rudis Sylva’s Harmonious Oscillator.  I am yet to see it myself, or hear from someone who has in fact seen and validated that the Harmonious Oscillator is technically superior to the tourbillon.  But one thing is for sure — Rudis Sylva is not shy about touting its invention as superior.  As CEO Jacky Epitaux clearly states in the above video.

I want to believe in the Harmonious Oscillator — badly — but I feel it is prudent to have more information in hand before accepting the company’s claims.  Step one will be hopefully a meeting next month at Baselworld.

In the mean time, if you have any insights or comments, please weigh in below.


  • E. Phillips

    I am a watchmaker, and If I understand this correctly, the balances are toothed and linked, and the amplitude is thus equal. The device rotates once a minute, like a tourbillon. I understand the concept, but I find myself skeptical that the increased friction between the balances would allow for harmonious running at 21,600. Even finely made gear teeth have slop, and as the balances change direction, there would be a small disturbance.

    • Perpetuelle

      I believe your understanding is correct. And your comments are similar to others I have received from those with a firm technical grasp of watchmaking. I do plan to meet with the CEO of Rudis Sylva late next month at Baselworld and get some more insights at that time, stay tuned!
      Thanks for your comment