Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer Watch #1

First Watch, First Look…

In October, I introduced you to a teaser preview of the new and “soon to be released” Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer Series (HTE).  The exclusive and limited edition set of 3 customized Rolex Explorer models is being brought to us by the same creators of the Piccard Single Red Deepsea (Keep in mind that none of these models are officially associated with Rolex.  The ~$39,000 set will come in a custom crate along with several custom-made items (Shell cordovan NATO watch straps with HTE logo, etc.) that signify the historic Everest summit of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay  on May 29, 1953.  See my original post for more pics and details. Now, FINALLY, we get a FIRST LOOK at the FIRST WATCH, a Rolex “Red EXPLORER”:

Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer – Watch 1 of 3

(shown on the custom shell cordovan strap)

close up dial teaser:

Also, it looks like the official “ship date” is February 29, 2011:

another look at the custom crate that the HTE set will come in:

The presentation of the 3-watch set and the attention to detail in the accessories seems really impressive, and I am excited to see the next two watches!

Check out for more fun and to get your pre-order in.