Rolex 2013: Pushing the Envelope of Innovation
by Kyle Stults on April 24, 2013

Rolex Logo

 Rolex Daytona Cerachome bezel

And on the wonderful 50th anniversary of the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, Rolex fans are treated to….*ZIP* *ZILCH* *NADA*!      Well, I guess there is a Cosmograph Daytona in platinum case and a Cerachrome ceramic bezel.   But the real story here is that 2013 for Rolex it looks to be all about….wait for it…COLOR!  Yes, Master Watchmakers at Rolex have labored over this color and that, skillfully introducing a variety of smooth colors into existing Rolex models.   Clearly they have put Photoshop to the task this past year, pushing the limits of the color matching tool like never before.  Innovation at its finest.

So it looks like there is a GMT Master II with a blue (oooh) and black ceramic bezel and yes it even rotates and clicks.

Rolex GMT II Blue Black

There is a Yacht-Master II in a steel case.

Rolex Steel Yachmaster


And there are new Day-Date models with different colored dials.  The colors are sooo passionate, so amazing, that I can not bring myself to even post them here.

Another disappointing year from Rolex.  At least they didn’t introduce another “Sky Dweller”.  Maybe they forgot to bring the *new* and *innovative* models to the show and someone is on the way from Geneva right now.

This is why I am not a “Rolex guy” — nothing they introduce is interesting until it has been sitting in someone’s desk for 50 years.  Rolex fans, rejoice.