RJ-Romain Jerome Spacecraft

RJ Romain Jerome Spacecraft face

I’ve read mostly fawning commentary about the new RJ-Romain Jerome Spacecraft, done in collaboration with the same guys behind the HW Opus 9 (among other well-known avant-garde pieces).  As for me, well, I’ll just say that I don’t get it.  It’s the design, you see:  the hour and minutes are not in the same plane of sight, at least not without some deft maneuvering of the wrist.  Hours are vertically positioned on the front the watch, minutes horizontally positioned on top of the watch.  For this reason, the appeal of this $33,400 piece is a real mystery me — I just can’t get past the design oddity.

Romain Jerome SpaceCraft Watch

Upon further reflection, I suppose it is another piece of randomness from RJ-Romain Jerome, perhaps appealing to the space-junkies.  That is what this brand is all about, though, isn’t it?  They do have some supremely original and neat watches now and again, though their randomness — everything from Titanic to Statue of Liberty to Moon Dust to Moon Invaders to Volcanos to Steampunk to Deloreans to Dia de Los Muertos to Video Games (Pac-Man and Space Invaders, I like both) — makes it hard to get my head around the brand’s ambitions.  What’s next?  Mount Everest?  Tsunami?  Who knows.  That’s Romain-Jerome.

Here is an overview of the mechanics of the watch:


See more at  http://www.romainjerome.ch/

  • goju1

    Hats off to them for trying to break the boundaries.
    But too much case and not enough display.
    And of course, as you say, what’s the point of misaligning the displays.
    Needs a rethink…