Richard Mille RM 036 Tourbillon G-Sensor “Jean Todt”

This is a stereotypical Richard Mille watch with all the usual high-tech construction and materials, though with an unlikely partner (Jean Todt, anyone?) and an unusual complication.   Dare I say that the only thing noteworthy on this piece (15 will be made) is that it contains a mechanical G-force sensor, and profits will go to charity.  The complication, like all others from Richard Mille, is made by Renaud Papi.  It displays on a graduated scale (red/yellow/green) the number of G’s accumulated by the wearer during a rapid deceleration. And impressive mechanical build yes, but even as far as Richard Mille’s complications go, this one seems a bit far fetched.  Presumably if you are in the red G-force zone, checking your watch will be the last thing on your mind.  So to this piece I say, “Duh.”

For those of you wondering who Jean Todt is, you can check his Wikipedia page here.  In short, he is quite an accomplished individual:  the current head of the F.I.A (an organization known to most as the governing  body of most motorsports and auto racing events (i.e. F1, World Rally)), and an accomplished racer manager himself.

But please excuse me for finding it hard to get excited about this watch, even though it is a Richard Mille.  While there are many RM’s to get excited about, I can not say that this is not one of them.