Richard Mille Nadal RM27 Watch in Action

Match Play Debut – French Open 2010 vs. Gianni Mina…

In early April, I first showed you the new ultra-light RM027 watch, created by master watchmaker Richard Mille for tennis phenom Rafael Nadal.  Well, it seems that some of the sports and print media writers the entire media — from Yahoo Sports to the HuffPo to the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal — has finally caught up with the news thanks to a press conference that Nadal held this past weekend (from the French Open) to announce the new watch.  Richard Mille was there to join in the fun.  Here are the pics, straight from opening round match play at Roland Garros.  Pics from warmups and the press conference are below, too.

Felipe Trueba/European Pressphoto

May 21, 2010 – Rafael Nadal and Richard Mille at the launch of the new ‘TOURBILLON WATCH RM 027 RAFAEL NADAL’

May 22, 2010 – Rafael Nadal trains in his Richard Mille watch (valued at $525,000) at the Roland Garros stadium in Paris, on the eve of the French open tennis tournament.

(AP Photo/Michel Euler)

Be sure to click over to my original post from April 2 for some more looks at the watch.

  • Richard Stancik

    Imagine wearing a $525,000 watch playing tennis… or doing anything else for that matter! I’m not sure I’d eat dinner wearing a watch that expensive! I suppose if you’re a billionaire that kind of money is insignificant but the pricetag gives fresh meaning to the phrase “shameless luxury.” Still, thanks for reviewing.

    • Kyle

      Yea — just imagine the horror if the watch was somehow broken during match play? aye aye aye!

  • Mark

    Good for Rafa!… In the world of luxury watches, there is no question that $500K is a lot of money, but not out of line to many other watches. In that world, the range starts around 50K :)

  • gio

    Oh give me a break. $50 grand is absurd for a watch.

    I live in LA where people are regularly murdered for a Rolex. It’s plain stupid to walk around wearing so much money that can be grabbed off your wrist by someone who could buy a house, a car and put their child through college for the price of the bit of metal on your arm. Unless you have full time security, which I’m sure Nadal has, especially when he wears the watch, it’s foolish to wear expensive jewelery. It’s like movie stars at the Oscars. The jewelers loan the jewels, but armed guards are sent with them to protect the stuff.

    • nachik

       Here’s a protip:

      If you are a billionaire, move out of downtown LA.

  • Roger

    looks crazy

  • koy

    That is a “Magnificence”watch indeed but when you talk about this kind of money it is only a DREAM for a regular poeple like us 😉

  • Toby

    Congrats to Rafa on winning the US Open…he is incredible! I hope he continues his run of great tennis…with competition like djokavic and federer it is even more impressive. He sports his RM well!

  • John Wright

    I love this watch but I seem to be shy of $599.00 to make the purchase today!  Hope its his lucky watch and he ties BB record today with a WIN!

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