Richard Mille Cufflinks

In the works for two years now and with each automatic cufflink containing no less than 38 components, these are perhaps the most highly engineered cufflinks you will find on the market today.  As if that were not enough, they are constructed of grade 5 titanium,   satin-brushed, bead-blasted and hand-bevelled for a no doubt exceptional finish!  Did you really expect anything less from Richard Mille?

The new Richard Mille cufflinks feature a patented mechanism that opens the bars using a push-piece.  Unlike the classic mechanism, where a pivoting bar on the cufflink holds the double cuff in place, Richard Mille’s design fastens the cuff using two titanium bars, which open with a simple press of the push-pieces and close by pressing on the top plate.  Think of the bars as two little “wings” that pop in and out at your whim.  Available in Richard Mille boutiques and points of sale from October 2012, with two year warranty.


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