Rebellion T-1000 Hour Power Reserve (Live Pic)

Update:  VIDEO added (below)

Power reserve = 1,000 hours…

After the successful presentation in January of The Predator, their first watch with a round case, the young and audacious Swiss watch brand Rebellion decided to take on a new challenge – creating a watch with a 1,000 hour power reserve.  The result?  The Rebellion T-1000.  The body of the T-1OOO was designed in a collaboration of Eric Giroud and Rebellion and is inspired by elements of car racing.  Time is displayed via a vertical roller-display, while at 6 o’clock, a double balance releases the immense power at a precisely controlled rate.  A window in the side of the case reveals one of the mainspring barrels, with markers providing a natural “Fuel Gauge” of the state of the power reserve.  To generate the 1,000 hours of power generated by the watch, six (!) mainspring barrels are employed in what is a patented system.  The over-sized winding lever is all too appropriate for such a colossal power reserve.  Credit to Frank @ Monochrome and Ian Skellern for the pics above.

I’m still waiting on some better pics from Rebellion — it is still a bit difficult to understand/appreciate this watch from its one and only press photo:

Limited edition: 100 pieces
Calibre: REB T-1000, manual winding with integrated winding lever
Jewels: 14 ceramic & 22 rubies
Balance: double hairspring inclined at 39°
Winding system: Patented system of six mainsprings wound in parallel by chain and prop shaft.
The barrels discharge power in series to provide an optimal torque curve.
Indications: hours and minutes displayed on rollers
Power reserve: 1’000+ hours provided by six (2 x 3) vertical mainspring barrels
Number of components: 693 for the chassis
Balance frequency: 18’000 bph (2.5Hz)
Material: case in titanium and chassis in aluminium
Dimensions: 46,7 mm X 46,9 mm / 19,5 mm
Crown: time-setting mechanism using patented push-button clutch system
Water resistance: 50 metres
Strap: black alligator leather
Buckle: patented folding clasp with micrometric push button regulation allowing easy adjustment of length on the wrist.