Perrelet Turbine XL
by Kyle Stults on November 03, 2010

Giant 50mm case…

In 2011 Perrelet will release its ostensibly popular “Turbine” watch in an XL Version.  The Perrelet Turbine XL will have a whopping 50mm case and come in a variety of colors and with a slight change to the strap/case integration.  The original version of the Turbine was 44mm.  You may recall that the spinning “turbine” effect is possible because of Perrelet’s double rotor system.

At this point I’m pretty much seeing this watch as being “too clever by half”.  When it was first announced, there was huge ‘buzz’ about the Perrelet Turbine and I was right there, intrigued and curious.  But the curiosity quickly faded..   The green and orange color options of the new XL watch only reinforce my view this watch is too much “toy-like”.  Seriously, would you pay $5,000+ for this watch?  The limited edition rose gold version will cost you closer to $20,000!  I can only imagine the depreciation as soon you walk off the lot with this thing on your wrist.  Perhaps the ephemeral enjoyment of the ‘wrist turbine’ is worth it for some…but not for me.

Perrelet Turbine XL – 50mm case

2 variations in “DLC” steel…

And 2 versions with a titanium + DLC steel case…

There will also be a limited edition (77 piece) rose gold option:

Any thoughts from other horological connoisseurs out there?