Patek 5550P Perpetual Calendar with Oscillomax

Yesterday Patek Philippe announced several exciting developments related to its calibers (movements) that will likely shape the brand for decades to come.  Also, it unveiled the Ref 5550P Perpetual Calendar, a 300 piece limited edition watch with the new Patek Caliber Q 240Si which features some new advanced silicon components developed by Patek.  Specifically, the Ref 5550P with Caliber 240 Q Si will contain Patek’s new “GyromaxSi” silicon-based balance wheel.  GyromaxSi is part of an important trio of recently developed silicon-based components (all pictured below) that Patek now refers to as “Oscillomax”.  Above all this, Patek also announced that its silicon Spiromax balance spring (used in Patek Calibers since 2008) will become the new standard and thus included in all future Patek Philippe calibers, a transition which will occur gradually.

Patek 5550P Perpetual Calendar with Oscillomax

Limited Edition 300 pieces

37.2mm platinum case (8.8mm thick), Caliber 240 Q Si ultra-thin self-winding mechanical movement

Note that the Patek 5550P dial bears the notation “Advanced Research”, a nod to the Patek Philippe Advanced Research department created six years ago to create innovative components from the latest materials using the latest technologies — with the ultimate goal of producing more reliable and more accurate timepieces.

Patek GyromaxSi Balance

The trio of components you see here will be known as:  Oscillomax

Patek Pulsomax Escapement Patek Spiromax Balance Spring

Basically what all this means is that Patek is making a big leap forward to adopt and standardize the use of silicon-based components in its movements, as these components offer better performance and reliability.  WatchTime and Worltempus (Elizabeth Doerr) have the full story if you click through.

Patek Caliber 240 Q Si

I have highlighted the Oscillomax components and engraving:

  • Don

    Such a beautiful watch. I like how a company as old as Patek is making such an active measure to explore new materials and technologies and integrate them into their watches.

    • Perpetuelle

      Hi Don-yea, I couldn’t agree with you more on this!

  • christian

    WOW! the escapement wheel is astonishing, so is the balance wheel also. Absolutely amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Incredible… but I will add that I do not like the “Advanced Research” text. Isn’t that a given considering the brand? It takes away from the beauty.