Panerai Radiomir Composite (PAM 504) and Composite Black Seal (PAM 505)

Available December 2012

Late last month some crude pics of two new Panerai Radiomir Composite models popped up on Paneristi.  Subsequent discussion revealed the watches to be the Radiomir Composite 47mm aka PAM 504 and the Radiomir Composite Black Seal 45mm aka PAM 505, but additional details were non-existent.   Until now!  If there is one thing to be said, it is that these new pieces are good news for all the “composite” fans.  I’ll take you through an official first look at the Radiomir PAM 504 and Radiomir Black Seal 505, below.

Now before I get into some of the details on these two new killer looking watches from Panerai, let me give a quick rewind to put it all in context and why I say that “composite” fans can be excited.  Despite its name, “Composite” is actually aluminium that has undergone a chemical bath during which an electric current is run through the metal, causing an oxide layer (or ceramic) to form on the surface. Aluminium is of course not dense, which is why a Composite case is lightweight.

It’s notable Panerai has presented these new Composite models when the Composite Luminor watches announced last year have yet to be delivered.   Panerai’s Composite case actually debuted in 2010 in the PAM 339 followed by the PAM 375 and the PAM386 in 2011.  Panerai touted the “composite” material as being harder and lighter than the ceramic, but is also harder than metals such as steel and titanium.  But it turns out there were some major issues with the casebacks on the 339; this subsequently resulted in both the PAM 375 and the PAM 386 being put on hold (as far as I know they still have not been delivered).  So, a couple years later and it seems safe to assume that the launch of the PAM 504 and PAM 505 would be a good sign that Panerai has put the production issues behind it and is ready to move forward again with composite-case models.

Panerai Radiomir Composite PAM 504

47 mm brown Panerai Composite case with removable wire loop strap  attachments (patented), manufacture Panerai hand-wound mechanical P.3000 calibre (double barrel, 3 day power reserve), untreated leather strap with composite buckle

The P.3000 manual wind calibre is Panerai’s entry level in-house movement

Panerai Radiomir Black Seal Composite PAM 505

45 mm brown Panerai Composite case with removable wire loop strap  attachments (patented), manufacture Panerai Automatic mechanical P.9000 calibre, untreated leather strap with composite buckle

The only thing I don’t have right now is a US dollar price!  I know in Europe they are looking at about € 7.700 Euro on the 504 and the Black Seal at € 7.300, including VAT.  These are regular production models (non-limited).

Did You Know?

“Black Seal” The name Black Seal, printed on the dial, is a proprietary name of Officine Panerai which evokes fascinating memories of the history of the brand: Black Seal was one of the names used to describe the slow-speed torpedoes, the midget submarines on which the commandos of the Italian Navy carried out their heroic underwater enterprises during the Second World War, with Panerai watches and instruments on their wrists.