Panerai Limited Edition Radiomir 10 Days GMT (PAM 391)

Here’s a first look at the new Panerai Radiomir 10 Days GMT watch aka PAM 391, a boutique-only offering.  While somewhat similar to the PAM 323, this watch has a brown sandwich dial, a.m./p.m. indicator and linear power reserve meter.  Which brings me to my next point which is that this watch annoys me because I think the power reserve (“10 days”) is a stupid thing to tout on an automatic mechanical watch.  Unless it is a manual wind, I operate under the assumption that power reserve is more or less irrelevant.   Same goes for the PAM 323.  As long as you are wearing the damn thing then it is constantly being wound/re-powered, and thus I find that “power reserve” is only truly meaningful for manual-wind watches — certainly not in need of its own gauge on the dial.

Panerai Limited Edition Radiomir 10 Days GMT (PAM 391 )

Limited Edition 300 pieces

47mm steel case, automatic mechanical Panerai P.2003 movement


  • Vikas Kumar


  • Brosnan

    I just tried this watch on 5 hours ago! I actually thought the same thing about the power reserve I indicator, but still if you left the watch unworn for say 8 days the you wear it for a day, then leave it for two (if you wear 3 or 4 watches) then you will need to MANUALLY wind it and treat it a MANUAL wind watch, that’s why you can actually still MANUALLY wind an automatic.

    • Perpetuelle

      @63324d4d3e7daab3dc088b63fc27f326:disqus cool! Which boutique / where?

      I understand what you are saying. For me, though, I really don’t like a power reserve on an automatic watch — a matter of preference, I suppose.

      • Brosnan

        But what do you think of it as a purchase, it being limited to 300 (with certificate), brown dial not black… Is it in your opinion a good purchase?

        • Perpetuelle

          It is hard for me to say.
          At what price is it offered? Are you a collector? Do you want resale value? Or do you really like the watch? If you really like the watch, then probably it is a good purchase.

          • Brosnan

            Well, as far as collecting, yes I want to add to my current collection, which is small and growing. I have a 1993 Jubilee Rose Gold IWC and a JLC Squadra GMT. I do like Panerai , and I do like this one (but I like to acquire “good” pieces) and want one or two in my collection.
            The 391 is new direct from a Panerai boutique (claiming it’s last piece) at $14,450.

          • Perpetuelle

            Nice collection. Are you in the US? I think a Panerai would fit nicely in your lineup. I will say that for me this 391 just does have the appeal (personally or collectability) of other PAMs. I have trouble accepting the power reserve, and also the polished case with the brown dial/hands doesn’t feel like it matches/harmonizes well. If you like brown dial (which I do), have you considered the PAM 339? Or may the 386?
            Or if you like the GMT, how about the 2012 PAM 441?
            But these are all Luminors.
            Sorry if I am now complicating your decision process — bottom line is that if in your shoes I would opt for something other than this 391.

          • Brosnan

            No need to apologize 😉 I like being given choices and advice from watch aficionados or, what we are otherwise called, Paneristis :)
            The 339 is a Radiomir, so it does give me an alternative in brown (yes I do like brown). The feature I actually seek is the power reserve, as opposed to the GMT, which could be useful but not all the time. The PR rather you get to peek at and check all the time (I like that, just as you would your gas gauge on your car). That is why I do look for the watch that has it on the dial, as opposed to on the back (PAM 346, which is nice in Titanium).

          • Brosnan

            I’m Egyptian living in Dubai. Cheers

  • Ronan

    Wondering what your take is on the 348 . I would really like to know as I am seriously thinking of getting one.

    • Perpetuelle

      The 348? Tourbillon GMT — amazing, amazing watch. Original price was somewhere above $150k

      I believe that only 30 pieces were produced — have you located one? If not let me know I may be able to help.

  • mohamed

    Im looking to get one preferably preowned any ideas

    • Perpetuelle

      Try a search at Chronollection (click banner at top of page) or Chrono24.

      Though my guess is that because this was a 300 piece limited edition so it may be tough to find.

      good luck!