Omega Spacemaster Z-33

Baselworld 2012: Inspired by the iconic “Pilot Line” case shape and equipped with a brand new multifunction quartz movement, calibre 5666 has been designed with modern pilots in mind. This design may not be for everyone, but the name is catchy. I shall have to look for the Spacemaster on the wrists of astronauts in the future since some of them wear the Speedmaster X-33, which shares similar features to the Spacemaster.

The functions of the Spacemaster are as follows: above the digital dial is a set of analogue timekeeping hands that are adjusted by the crown at 3 o’clock. Surrounding the watch are four pushers that, along with the crown, allow full control over the array of digital features. For keeping track of the time these include date, UTC and two time zones (in 12 or 24 hour display), an alarm and a perpetual calendar. Elapsed time is measured with a chronograph function and a countdown timer. Alongside these features are self-programmable professional pilot functions to log up to ten flights and visualize those logs with date-hour indications.

The case is manufactured from grade 5 titanium, and features brushed, polished and sandblasted highlights, reminiscent of OMEGA’s pilot case design. The caseback features the polished OMEGA Seahorse, the Ω symbol, the word “Speedmaster” and the watch’s serial number. The back is fixed in place with four screws and its “double wall” construction acts as a resonance chamber, thus amplifying the sound of the alarm. A very special and highly useful additional detail that underlines the Spacemaster’s professional heritage & distinction is the fact that its digital display can be read under all conditions, even for wearers with polarized glasses.

I foresee this to become a coveted watch among desk pilots and real pilots.

  • goju1

    Well, the first thing that I thought of when I saw “Spacemaster” was the blog by Kyle about Rolex’s registration of ‘Sky-Dwellwer’ – perhaps they (Rolex) are planning a similar watch?

    But to the Spacemaster…
    Seems like a functionally rich watch but I don’t like a mixture of analog and digital presentations on a watch dial. I don’t find this elegant; and that extends to the Spacemaster case, which has Omega DNA from the 60s (I beleive) but it is without style (IMO).

    But I think that you (JB) are right when you say that it will be sought after. Perhaps we’ll even see it on Daniel Craig’s wrist later this year? It’s definitely a watch of the 21st century!