Narco Bling: The Watches of Mexican Drug Kingpins

Drug Lords Like Hublot, DeWitt, Cartier – or Anything Diamond Bezeled and Ostentatious!

The Wall Street Journal reporter John Lyons ran an interesting story last week about the odd items seized by Mexican authorities from drug lords.  Of course my interest here is the watches, and I found this picture of a tray of seized watches rather fascinating – unless I am mistaken (which is entirely possible!), there looks to be 2 Hublot Big Bangs, a DeWitt, a Cartier, a Breitling, a Corum Golden Bridge, a Panerai for Ferrari, and a  Jacob & Co. in that tray, among others!  Read the entire curious article here, and watch the video here, or see a slideshow here (all part of the WSJ story).  CRAZY!

Feel free to weigh-in with a comment if you can identify any more of the watches.

narco bling

Photo credit John Lyons/The Wall Street Journal.

  • James

    I think I see a Roger Dubuis Easy Diver. I am not certain which reference though.

    • Kyle S.

      James – good call! I agree with you – upper left corner, correct? The 3 prong lugs almost surely make it a RD Easy Diver!

  • Raúl J

    From what I see, the first two are unidentified, then there is a DeWitt, Two Hublot Big Bang, a Quentin from Jacob & Co. (wich is saddly impressive since there aren’t many of these models and is REALLY expensive), a Breitling with the mexican flag in the dial, apparelty a vintage yellow gold Overseas from VC (check the detail of the bezel), a Corum Golden Bridge, a Jacob & Co. 5 Timezone, a Panerai for Ferrari, a Cartier, an Easy Diver from Roger Dubuis, a Chopard, a Corum Classical (see the sides of the case) and two other more I can’t recognize either. I’m from Mexico and live here, I’m a lawyer and my collection is mainly formed by Langes, JLC, VC and a few Patek. Its a shame some people in my country can obtein such expensive (and utterly ugly) watches due to illegal and terribly violent sources.

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