Minuteman Watches, Made in USA to Support Veterans

Minuteman MM04 Phantom PVD

 Minuteman MM04 Phantom

This is an update to my story of November 14, 2012.  The nascent and noble project spearheaded by The CGA Company‘s Thomas Carey is well on its way, and I am glad to be able to lend some publicity to it.  There have been a few changes to the program, but the intent that Minuteman Watches be a product to support veterans and their families remains intact.   Here is the latest from Minuteman:

Minuteman watches will be built in the USA! For every watch we sell we will make a donation to various charities that support veterans and their families. Currently we plan to donate proceeds from our first production run to http://www.garysinisefoundation.org/ 100% of money donated to this group goes to the people who really need it.

According to Minuteman the first watches will available in as early as October 2013, but maybe as late as December 2013.   For the initial production run each model will be limited in quantity — it looks like around 100 pieces per model, give or take a few.  Right now you can pre-order any model via The CGA Company’s website — you can either put 50% down, or pay in-full and receive a meaningful discount.  Prices range from $445 to $498, but if you pre-order now you will save upwards of 20%.  In other words, order now.

As you can see, Thomas has put together some great looking watches, and the prices are very accessible.   The watches are, fittingly, very “military” in their look.  Knurled bezels are a nice detail.  They all come on NATO straps, which is great.  The movements are quartz, Swiss parted-Ronda.   The watches will be assembled here in the USA by Lum-Tec.  Now before you lodge any complaints, know that the overall purpose was not to blow away the world with an extraordinary or over-the-top watch, but rather to design a functional, affordable and good looking piece that anyone could be proud to wear.  Especially knowing that you are supporting a brand borne out of a desire to help military veterans.

Here is the version I pre-ordered today:

Minuteman MM04 Steel

Minuteman MM04

Check all the Minuteman watches now at The CGA Company website.

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There is also a special edition being made for the  “Usual Suspects Network” a tactical weapons (mostly knives) collector group with over 20,000 members that has collaborated with CGA Company in the past:

Minuteman USNNo Date