MB&F MOONMACHINE (HM3) (Video, Live Pics)

Outta this world…

First look at a splendid new release from the boundary-pushing watchmakers at MB&F (“Maximillian Busser & Friends”).  This is the MB&F MOONMACHINE, by Finnish watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva.   Before launching his own brand Sarpaneva Watches in 2003, Stepan Sarpaneva worked with some of the most prestigious Swiss brands including Piaget & Parmigiani where he worked alongside Kari Voutilainen, Vianney Halter and Christophe Claret.  The MOONMACHINE is the first of the MB&F “Performance Art” done in collaboration with a watchmaker – and the first to endow a Horological Machine with a new complication (moonphase).  According to MB&F, the HM3 Frog design was chosen as the MOONMACHINE platform because the large movement opening in the dial side provides space for the watchmaker to play – and the bulbous indication domes of the Frog are reminiscent of how science fiction buffs have long imagined habitable domes on the Moon.  I think that the MB&F HM2 “Alain Silberstein” is still my favorite, but this is a very inspiring piece, kudos to MB&F on an excellent outcome!  If you are interested, the MB&F Moonmachine price is $98,000 US.

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limited edition 18 pieces in each of 3 case metals (see below for more pics)

Maximillian Busser (left), “Sarpanea Moon”, Stepan Sarpaneva (right)

 MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser explains how MOONMACHINE began: “Stepan and I were chatting and he said, ‘You know what, Max? You need a moon in one of your Machines’. I thought about it and then replied, “You know what, Stepan? I think you are right, we do need a moon.’ The rest, as they say, is history.”


To create MOONMACHINE, Stepan has reconfigured the HM3 Frog by 90° and added his iconic “moon-face” moon-phase indicator complication set amidst a multi-layered panorama of northern stars.

Black Titanium Case


Titanium Case

Based on Stepan’s own face, the phase of the moon is displayed through a signature Korona-shaped aperture, while the mystery winding rotor takes the form of a 22k gold disc with laser-pierced stars forming constellations visible in the northern sky.

Red Gold Case

Full details and more looks at http://www.mbandf.com/machines/performance-art/moonmachine/