MB&F Legacy Machine 2 (with Video)

MBF Legacy Machine 2 Platinum Case

As with Legacy Machine 1 of 2011, MB&F has again teamed up with two of the most talented watchmakers alive: Jean-François Mojon and his team at Chronode, and the inimitable Kari Voutilainen.  Legacy Machine No.2, shown above in one of 18 pieces that will be done in platinum case and blue dial ($190,000 per), is also available in 18k red or white gold ($156,00 per).  The movement has two independent escapements, with two beautifully shaped flying balance wheels floating high above the dial, linked by a a planetary differential which transmits the average rates of those balance wheels to a single gear train.  The watch appears immaculately finished as well.  Absolutely gorgeous, this is a beautiful evolution of LM1 and I love it.  See it in action — video action — below.

MB&F Legacy Machine 2 (Video)

MBF Legacy Machine 2 Caseback

MBF Legacy Machine 2 Blue Dial for Platinum Model

MBF Legacy Machine 2 Caliber

44mm x 20mm case

White gold

MBF Legacy Machine 2 White Gold

MBF Legacy Machine 2 White Gold Upview

Red Gold Case

MBF Legacy Machine 2 Red Gold

And lastly, here are a couple of my own pics of the Legacy Machine 1 for a bit of comparison:

MBandF Legacy Machine 1

MBandF Legacy Machine 1 on table