by Kyle Stults on October 06, 2010

He’s kinda cute…and gaudy, too…

An owl?  Yes, an owl.  How clever.  My second reaction (you just read my first) to the new MB&F JWLRYMACHINE was — and still is — that it is “too much”.  Actually, let’s not beat around the bush here — the JWLRYMACHINE is no ‘horological machine’, it is a ‘hoity-toity thing’.  I wish MB&F would not have gone there, but they did.  Obviously following the lead of Boucheron, for whom gaudiness is all-too familiar territory.  More succinctly, I’m not a fan.

In an up-front acknowledgment of the controversial nature of JWLRYMACHINE, MB&F Chief Maximillian Büsser said that “You may love it or hate it, but the level of craftsmanship is just mind-boggling.”  OK, Maximillian, I’ll give you the ‘craftsmanship’ bit.  But as for the rest, I wonder if you can help me understand the WHY (which I know you take as much pride in as the HOW).  And, recognizing that when you set out to create MB&F your goal was very simple (to please yourself without caring about any commercial or marketing considerations), I am quite curious as to just how does the JWLRYMACHINE please you?  And what do you think it says about MB&F?  I wait patiently and hope humbly for your reply.

The new MB&F JWLRYMACHINE (made-to-order, ~$200,000)