MB&F Frog
by Kyle Stults on May 03, 2010

A horological interpretation of the amphibious…

MB&F’s newest creation is all over the ‘Net – just Google it!  I’m impressed by the ardent and loyal following Maximillian Busser (& Friends) have built up for their young “brand”.   Seriously, MB&F has total production volume in the hundreds of units, yet from the exuberant coverage they receive online, you would think they have a marketing budget the size of Rolex’s!  Nope.  It’s all PR and word of mouth.

The fact that you love what you do and are having fun doing it is wholly evident in your timepieces.   The accolades are well deserved.  Great job, guys.

HM3 Black Frog (black Titanium) – limited edition of 12 pieces

(love the green battle axe rotor)

Can you imagine the “looks” this amphibious  creature will draw?

The first pieces of the Frog will be delivered during this month of May.