Linde Werdelin SpidoLite II Titanium Blue


Just in time for Christmas, Linde Werdelin is poised to unveil three new versions of its SpidoLite II models.  The first one, seen here, is the SpidoLite II “Titanium Blue”, limited to 75 pieces and priced at $11,600.  The model carries forward some subtle functional adaptations not seen in prior SpidoLite II’s such as a more accessible crown.  The dial is a very nice “electric blue” with orange indices and small seconds detail.  As with prior models, the automatic mechanical movement is done by Concepto exclusively for LW.

UPDATE:  See Titanium RED here.

One thing that I find lacking on this watch — and on the Okto’s, too, for that matter — is the date function.  With such painstaking detail given to the case and other design elements, the execution of the date window seems by comparison an afterthought.  Despite LW’s assertions that the numerals of the calendar wheel have been amplified for enhanced readability (which is true compared to prior iterations), I still find the stenciled date numerals to be barely legible and fading almost seamlessly into the background of the watch as if they were never there.

In summary, while the color-set is quite appreciable on this new variant, I must say that I am overall a bigger fan of LW’s watches without a date on them — specifically the original SpidoLite’s (circa 2009, particularly the Svend Anderson models), or the new SpidoSpeed chronos (such as this black orange beauty).

More looks, specifications and descriptive information can be found HERE.

Also, this piece is now available for purchase, if interested: