Linde Werdelin’s Photorealistic Moonphase

The coolest moonphase….ever?

When I shared with you the first look at watch and instrument maker Linde Werdelin’s new Oktopus Moonphase, my sixth sense had already told me that the defining aspect of this watch would be its “photorealistic moonphase” created in collaboration with master watchmaker Svend Andersen.  While others did a great job of pointing out the watch’s upgraded Frederic Piguet Caliber 1150 movement and the ostensible oddity of having a moonphase on a dive watch (two thumbs up, Hodinkee), I could not stop wondering what the “photorealistic Moonphase” might actually look like in the dark.  Well, I wonder no more!

Behold, the most unique and masterfully executed moonphase I think we may see for quite some time.  Really, this one is in such a class of its own I don’t even know what else to say!  Here:  if you can show me one that tops this, I’ll send you $20 in the mail :-)

The Photorealistic Moonphase Ring

Now as you may recall, the other cool thing about this moonphase function is that it can be adjusted manually with the use of the crown.  Morten Linde keenly points out that this “allows for a fast and easy way of setting the moon disc to the current moon, even if the watch has not been worn for some time and has stopped. No need to send it back to our service centre for regulation…”  Brilliant, gentlemen, brilliant!

Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moonphase (titanium case, pink gold bezel)

Now, my sources tell me that the watch you see here will become available for pre-order starting next week, at Baselworld.  The price is substantial – $21,700 here in the U.S. – but a watch like this is rightfully meant to be in the hands of just a lucky few and only 29 pieces will be made.  What I am saying is that a watch like this is worth paying top dollar, and for those of you who have the cash, I think this would be a fantastic piece to add to your collection.  In fact if you are interested, ping me kyle [at ] and I’ll put you in touch with LW’s Man here in the U.S.

Switching topics somewhat, I remind you all that all the action will be taking place next week of’s Official BASELWORLD 2010 forum.  We’ve already got 85 watches posted!  Check it all out here.

  • Gerard Nijenbrinks

    Hi Kyle,

    Although I don’t exactly know how to qualify for the 20 bucks, I want to show you an other watch indicating the REAL moon.

    I’m working with both, Linde Werdelin and Christiaan van der Klaauw, so I don’t and can’t say that one is more real or better than the other. However in my humble opinion the (some 5 years ago introduced) CvdK Real Moon is a real competitor to the moon phase of the LW…

    Judge for your self and have a look at:


    Gerard Nijenbrinks

    ps. See you in Basel?

  • LukasD

    Only problem with LW watches is their price tag.
    I had an opportunity to test one of the LW watches myself (the SpidoLite DLC Yellow)
    And it is a great watch by all means, but the price is way to high in my opinion.

    It is the same with this model.

  • BrandScottK

    I keep going back to the small face on this watch. A more generous dial would greatly enhance this piece. Too bad.

  • James

    I quite agree with LukasD about the price of LW watches. If they were priced at a more “economical” price, they would be noticed by non-watch buffs. People that only know about Rolex for example. They would get the chance to learn about the existence of the brand.


  • Jorn Werdelin

    Dear Kyle,

    thank you for your kind and positive review of our new Oktopus watch. I appreciate the comments about the watch costing a lot of money but making only 29 pieces and working with Frederic Piguet and Svend Andersen plus making a special case (888 meters water resistant titanium case with see through back case) for this piece was never simple, hence why it was never an inexpensive watch to make.

    We do our best to make special watches and in small series – to give our customers a selective experience. The work involved in this takes time (two to three years) and as a small manufacturer producing only in Switzerland (Geneva), where every piece of the watch is hand made, makes it challenge to keep price, quality and uniqueness in balance. I believe we achieve this most of time – but I am obviously biased.

    Best – Jorn

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