Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX7 Chrongraph Aston Martin (w/ Video)

Vroom Vroom…

The eighth anniversary of the partnership between Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin is being celebrated with the presentation of the AMVOX7, a very sporty and technical timepiece featuring among other things a 44mm titanium case and a dial with the pattern of the radiator grille of the new Aston Martin Vanquish.   The AMVOX7 Chronograph largely keeps with the signature look of the now almost decade-old series, but there are a few changes from prior models.  Mostly notably are a new case design and a function new to the AMVOX line which debuts in the AMVOX7:  the radial power-reserve display.  And the very cool vertical-trigger chronograph system, first launched by JLC in 2005, is also incorporated into the watch.  I’ll break it all down, below.

44mm titanium case, automatic mechanical JLC Caliber 756, openworked dial with applied numerals and anthracite grey chronograph counters, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin logos engraved on the case-back, interchangeable strap/bracelet

Ref. 194 T4 70

The “Radial Power Reserve Display”

This radial power-reserve display appears through two apertures in the upper part of the inner bezel ring, on either side of the black dial — notice the two red “strips”.   When the watch is wound, the red power reserve strips move towards each other, meeting at the 12 o’clock numeral when fully wound.  As the barrel winds down, they gradually move apart.   The video gives you a good sense of how this works:

The “Vertical Trigger Chronograph”

As also shown in the video above, the watch also has JLC’s “vertical-trigger chronograph” setup.  Contrary to misguided reports on other blogs, the vertical-trigger system is not new, it debuted in 2005.  The way it works is that rather than pushing a typical chronograph pusher, a simple press on the watch glass starts the chronograph.   A press at 12 o’clock starts or stops the chronograph mechanism, while the same operation performed on the lower end of the dial resets the chronograph hand to zero.  A trigger on the side of the case can be set to a locked position which prevents inadvertent use of the chronograph.  So simple, yet so sophisticated!

Also note the Aston Martin logo on the inner bezel ring and the radiator grille design which resembles that  of Aston Martin Vanquish cars:

The new AMVOX Case

JLC notes that the AMVOX case was give a “complete facelift”, though that choice of words is probably more appropriate for a dial rather than a case.  Anyway…the new case is give a subtle change in shape so as to sit more ergonomically on the wrist.  The lugs are also redesigned so as to provide improved integration with the strap and again a more ergonomic fit.   The crown is also integrated into the case and with an easier grip and more accurate handling, according to JLC.


Overall JLC has done a great job with this watch — adding both subtle design changes for both functional an aesthetic reasons and incorporating new mechanics with the radial power reserve display.  I would say that this piece has just slightly less “cool” and “wow factor” JLC AMVOX2 Rapide from which could actually lock and unlock the doors of your Aston Martin Rapide!

Price for the AMVOX 7 Chronograph seen here in titanium is $26,000.  Available in 2013.

Did You Know?

The first Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX watch was jointly announced on Septebmer 22, 2004 by JLC’s Jérôme Lambert and Aston Martin’s Dr. Ulrich Bez.  The AMVOX1 was an alarm watch inspired by none other than the 1965 JLC Memovox!