HYT Watches: Official Trailer (HD Video)

For your viewing pleasure: a cool new “trailer” from Vincent Perriard’s HYT Watches!  The trailer was produced by http://etude-style.com/ of Neuchâtel – Switzerland.  If you are not familiar with HYT, it is a new brand launched early 2012 with the HYT H1 watch.  HYT lays claim to the world’s first hydromechanical watches — the concept is equally intriguing and cool.   The HYT H1 has already it has stacked up a huge list of PR accolades, and most recently it was awarded the Best Concept Watch Award at the prestigious Salon Internacional Alta Relojeria (SIAR) show in Mexico City.  Of course Perpetuelle’s  been on the scene from day 1 — you can learn more about HYT in my previous posts HERE (HYT New Brand Intro) and HERE (HYT 1 Watch).  And be sure to check ’em out at http://hytwatches.com/.

HYT H1 Watches (2012)