HYT to Unveil Several new “Hydro-Mechanical” Models for 2014

HYT H1 TiBronze Watch

HYT the “hydro-mechanical timekeeper” are revealing several new variations of their H1 and H2 models at Baselworld 2014.   With two core designs settled upon, HYT is broadening the H1 and H2 collections with a variety of new fluid colors (red, blue) and case metals (titanium/Ti, aluminum alloy, Ti-bronze, DLC-ti, etc.) – there are some really cool new combinations coming!!!  Above is a photo of the H1 that I took at Baselworld 2013.  You can see all the 2014 combos in the video below, and as pics of several of them as well. 

The HYT H1 was the debut timepiece when the brand launched a couple years ago, with caliber done by Chronode.    While still using the dual-piston powered capillary fluid time display, the H2 was redesigned by AP Renaud & Papi with a different architecture.   The H2 also came with a ~3x jump in price ($60,000 for the H1 vs. $160,000 for the H2, ballpark).

HYT H1 2014

HYT H1 Alumen Blue and H1 Red 2

New to the H1 collection are two 50-piece limited editions:  the H1 Alumen Blue (~$59,000), with a blue anodized aluminium alloy case (“ALUN 316B”) and the “original” fluorescent green fluid indicator, the other with a red fluid hour display and a titanium case with the bezel and lugs in red gold (~$65,000).

As for the H2, here are the three new models being introduced.  The H2 “Iceberg” (blue) and the black DLC + pink gold models are limited to 20 pieces each ($160,000), the H2 red with Platinum bezel is limited to 15 pieces ($190,000).

HYT H2 2014

HYT H2 Platinum Red

HYT H2 New Intros for 2014

HYT H2 Iceberg White Gold blue

I love these watches; while I seem them most likely positioned as additions to an already “filled out” collection containing the usual venerable name brands, I can also seem an HYT being purchased by the individual who wants nothing to do with venerable name brands and is really looking for some totally different but with high quality movement and finishing and so on.

Stay tuned for more to come from HYT at Baselworld 2014…in the mean time you can check out their website at HYT-Watches.com>>>

Or for more background and some of my hands-on pics, see one of Perpetuelle’s many reports on HYT here (A Look at HYT Watches and “Fluid Time” Technology)