Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Titanium

Hublot unveils the first Big Bang with a tonneau case.  This case is similar to what we’ve already seen used for the Hublot MP-06 Ayrton Senna tourbillon watches, but clearly the new Spirit of Big Bang is a production model as Hublot looks to extend the Big Bang franchise.  Four combinations debut:  titanium, titanium+ceramic, King Gold (18 K gold with 5% platinum which gives it a deeper red color), and King Gold + ceramic.  Perhaps the most positive news here also, aside from the case design, is that the HUB4700 caliber is an automatic mechanical skeleton chronograph built off of the Zenith El Primero base in collaboration with Zenith (as such it is hi-beat 5Hz/36,000 vph).  This is a good thing for Hublot in my book but Hublot haters are still gonna hate.

Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang



Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Titanium and Ceramic

King Gold

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang King Gold Angle

King Gold + ceramicHublot Spirit of Big Bang Gold

I’ve got more new models from Hublot to show you, but nothing outta this world so I’m gonna table them for now given everything else going on.