Hublot Plans to Double Asian Stores on China Luxury Boom

No end in sight…

From high atop my perch here in the United States, it is difficult to fully appreciate the sheer size and ambition the Chinese market.  So let’s ask a man who knows a thing or two about building global luxury watch brands, Hublot’s Jean-Claude Biver:

“It’s such a huge country that I see no limit for luxury brands,” said 62-year-old Biver. “I might die in 30 years, so I see no limit. If I was now 10 years old, and I had the expectation to live to 100, eventually I could see a limit in 60 years. But for my lifetime, no limit.”

Not all will share Biver’s effusiveness, but rest assured, luxury brands who know what they are doing have been investing in this market for years now.

Full article is at  Hat tip: L2.

Photo:  A Chinese bamboo book  – Sun Tzu’s The Art of War