Hublot King Power Diver 4000m Titanium


* UPDATE:  New details, photos of this watch — HERE *

FIRST LOOK — Check out the new Hublot King Power 4000m Diver!  After just lamenting over Hublot’s mostly lackluster 2011 releases, I get this — a titanium King Power with a whopping 4,000 meter water resistance.  Yes, it is huge — 48mm.  Yes, it is a bit garish.  But I LIKE the direction that Hublot is headed with this i.e. big and bad dive watches!  As for specs, well stay tuned for the full details I’ve basically told you what you need to know — but at a glance and most notably you can see that the Hublot King Power 4000m Diver is fitted with an inner rotating bezel that is adjusted via the crown on the upper right side of the case, itself which is fitted with a (massive) crown lock system (close-up shown below).  I knew you wouldn’t leave me feeling uninpsired for long, Jean-Claude Biver!

Hublot King Power Diver 4000m Titanium

Limited Edition 500

48 mm titanium case, 4000 meter water resistance, automatic mechanical, green-accented rubber strap with titanium clasp

crown-lock system for the inner rotating bezel:

and another look at the King Power 4000m diver



  • James

    I would prefer the out rotating bezel, but I would still take one if the chance came.

  • Helly1080

    Wow. So did Linde Werdelin tell them they could use the Spidolite design or did they just take it?

  • The Rake

    This is what we need to see from Hublot. Getting a bit away from the Bang, even if only a bit.

  • Anonymous

    Tasteless Linde Werdelin knock-off.

    • GoJu

      This watch is quite clearly Hublot DNA. Hublot had this case design before LW came on the scene!

  • Perpetuelle

    Linde Werdelin? Seriously?? PUH-LEASE! Not really seeing the “LW knock-off” in this watch, guys. Sure, there appears to be some minimal amount of milling around the bezel and thus a slight similarity to a LW SpidoLite bezel — but that’s about it. Also the SpidoLite has an openworked dial…and on and on I could go.

    Show me this from LW:
    1) 4,000 meters water resistance,
    2) inner-rotating bezel with crown-guard.

    Or at least attempt to back-up your comments with something tangible.

    Kyle, Editor

  • GoJu

    Wow! Now we’re talking!
    I agree with you – it is inspiring!

  • Dccarrier

    the Hublot king power is simply TERRIFIC.

  • Robert

    I like it 48MM 4000M, I just might go for it. Was thinking of Corum 48 deep hall. Dammm!

    • Perpetuelle

      Hublot King Power Diver vs. Corum Deep Hull 48 — tough decision, I like them both!

      • GoJu

        Indeed both nice, although the Hublot is quite a different style.
        I was watching a Hublot video the other day (can’t remember where) and noticed that there is also a carbon fibre version of the King Power 4000.

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