Hublot King Power “Arturo Fuente” Watch
by Kyle Stults on October 28, 2012


The family-owned Arturo Fuente Cigar Company, maker of the famous Opus X cigars (among others), recently celebrated its 100 year anniversary.  To celebrate this occasion, Hublot and Fuente introduce the Hublot King Power “Arturo Fuente” edition watch, offered in two limited editions:  100 pieces in gold and 200 in ceramic.  This watch should wear well while smoking an Opus X, one of the rarest cigars in the world.  It’s a great looking timepiece, and it is presented in spectacular fashion:  delivered in a genuine cigar humidor made of Macassar ebony and carbon.  And, to mark the presentation of this watch, Arturo Fuente has created a special edition of OPUS X cigars for Hublot.  A perfect combination for wristwatch and cigar fans alike!

Arturo Fuente Opus X (robusto) Cigar


The caseback has an embossed image of Carlos Fuente Jr. and Sr., the Opus X logo, and the dates 1912-2012, marking the 100 year anniversary:

The top of the ebony and carbon watch box/humidor contains an exclusive OPUS X ring accompanied by the Hublot logo signature:

This leaves only one question for owners of this special set: who are you going to share your lucky stash of stogies with?!?

Did You Know?

The Fuente Opus X (by

Fuente OpusX is one of the rarest cigars in the world. It is elusive to almost every enthusiast because of its limited production. Prior to 1990, the Dominican Republic was well know for its filler and binder tobacco. Growing wrapper tobacco on the island proved impossible due to the topography of the land and the wind. The wrapper is a vital component of any cigar as it contributes to most of the flavor. Carlos Fuente Jr. set out on a mission to be the first cigar maker in the Dominican Republic to successfully grow wrapper tobacco. With the help of cheesecloths to protect the tobacco from the elements, the first successful crop was turned out in 1992. This wrapper is matched with unparalleled vintage tobaccos for its filler and binder and was the first Dominican puro (it only contains tobaccos grown in the Dominican Republic) on the market.

OpusX was an overnight success. It consistently receives the highest ratings from industry publications and continues to be the pinnacle of fine cigars. Almost impossible to find, this cigar is widely considered the “best of the best.” It is full-bodied and the aromas in each size are distinctly different, but the one characteristic each has in common is near perfect taste and quality. Nowhere in the world can a finer cigar be found. This cigar is referred to by aficionados as “an expensive addiction” because once this cigar makes its way into your humidor, you will never look at cigars the same way again.