Hublot “Jeans” Collection

For the first time, a luxury watch brand has produced a collection of “Jeans” watches.   No Levi’s denim here, no Sir:  only the finest denim from Italian denim manufacturer who supplies the world’s biggest luxury and fashion names will adorn these Big Bang dials and straps.   Reportedly based on an idea by Tina Zegg (of Zegg & Cerlati, Monaco), the collection comprises three ladies’ “Big Bang Jeans” watches (41mm) and one “Oceanographic 4000 Jeans”, all of which incorporate a detail of Dsquared denim.

OK, yea, I suppose I can see these 41mm Big Bangs being chic and sexy on a woman, but the Oceanographic 4000?  Hublot, JCB Guadalupe, you know I am a huge fan, but I gotta say that the thought — let alone the sight — of a denim Oceanographic 4000 makes me **cringe**

Big Bang steel case, 41mm

limited edition 250

Hublot Big Bang Jeans Watch

Diamond-set, limited edition 250

Hublot Big Bang Jeans Diamond Set

Baguette-set, limited edition 250

Hublot Big Bang Jeans Baguette Set

Oceanographic 4000m diver, limited edition 21 pieces

Hublot Oceanographic 4000 Jeans

  • Eran

    Wow ! a Hublot that’s actually refreshing and in good taste? that one could actually wear without looking like they’re going out to impress the boss of the ‘hood? nice.

  • goju1

    Actually, I quite like the look of the 4000M but I would prefer a Ti case as opposed to Carbon Fibre, which is likely to get ‘scruffy’ over time as it wears on objects that it comes into contact with.