Hublot F1 King Power Announced at 2010 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix

April 19, 2010 Editor’s Note: The watch initially shown in conjunction with the Hublot/F1 partnership announced March 13, 2010 was only a prototype (my original article, since updated, is HERE).  The actual production model will be as you now see below.  This watch was officially unveiled as the Hublot F1 King Power Announced at the recent 2010 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix.

Zirconium and ceramic bezel — “brake caliper” style…

Hublot has confirmed to me that Hublot CEO Jean-Claude Biver officially unveiled a new F1 King Power watch at the 2010 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix.  The watch, pictured below, looks awesome!  Hublot has masterfully crafted the bezel out of zirconium and ceramic in a design in resemblance of a high tech break assembly.  The unique strap consists of super-comfortable rubber on the inside and a special Nomex outer layer, which hard-core F1 fans will recognize as the material being used extensively in the racing suits of Formula One drivers.  Finally, as for the color scheme of the watch –  black, red and silver – well, it looks phenomenal!   More discussion and background, below the photo.

Now while the Official F1 Website press release calls this the first Official F1 watch, readers of this blog might recall that in my March 13 article announcing that Hublot had become the new “Official Watchmaker of F1″ I showed you a new Hublot F1 King which is obviously different (and less cool) than the one you see here.  So while I’m not quite sure about the slight discrepancy, I did note at the time that a “range of new Hublot F1 King Power watches [was] to come” and so in my view this watch announced today in China is the first (or second, depending on how you look at it) in a number of new Hublot F1 watches to come.  Exciting!



  • LukasD

    Overall..I don’t know if I like it

    We need to wait for the proper press-release to see the full watch.
    One thing I don’t like is the red button for the chronograph…then one for reset looks much nicer.

    • Kyle S.

      Hi Lukas
      The pushers are intended to mimic those found in the F1 auto. Certainly a bit atypical, but in my view they work well with the theme. I’ll have some more pics within the next few days.

    • akram ammar

      this is most beautfull i ever seen in my life i want to know the price beacuse am going to bay it. its rely amauzing watch

      • Kyle

        Not sure about the price, but I am told by Hublot that the watch is already sold out. Good luck and maybe you can get one on the secondary market!

  • BuckX

    Well, a very beautiful watch indeed. To bad the average Joe who loves F1 won’t be able to afford it. I have a beautiful TAG Heuer Kimi Raikkonen F1 watch that was probably 10X “less” expensive than this. Damn Bernie!! lol
    Hublot makes some of the worlds most beautiful timepieces, this one included now. Come on! A watch created based on the true component composites of a Formula 1 car? Love the idea. Wish I could afford one…

    • Kyle

      Hi BuckX —
      Thanks for your comment! Yes, the Hublot F1 watches are quite expensive compared to TAG Heuer or Omega (they produced some Michael Schumacher versions several years ago) — definitely require a big bank account! Also, even if one can afford the watches, they will be very limited in production which will also make them difficult to obtain. For most of us, we can simply enjoy them from our computer screens or maybe get lucky enough to see one in person some day. Thanks for reading my blog.

  • Mon

    Hi, i would lik to buy this watch online , is it posible? which website/like could i go to , to purchase the same. Would apprecaite if you could revert on my email. thanks alotl

    • Pon

      i like to ask the same question… thx

  • Jon

    @ Mon and @ Pon. There are no online authorised dealers. You should contact your nearest Hublot dealer or boutique and see if they can source a watch. Sold out means sold out to dealers so may still be possible to order (though I doubt it!).
    Wait for future models with the in-house movement!

  • marko

    its cool it looks like a break rotor