Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Vitrail (Stained Glass)

Baselworld 2014…

Hublot Stained Glass Dial watch hands-on via Hublot

Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Vitrail Stained Glass

Here is an interesting take on Hublot and its “Art of Fusion”!  The inspiration behind this watch was simple: a stained glass window – essentially it’s a series of frames filled with colored glass.  Take this concept and apply to a skeleton watch.  In this watch there are about 15 small spaces housing a sliver of (Swiss-made) stained glass (“Vitrail” tranlsates to English as “stained glass” by the way).  The pieces are secured with O-rings which grip the glass, ensuring that it does not break through heat expansion.

Hublot Blue Stained Glass Black Ceramic case Tourbillon

According to Hublot it is  actually a very high-tech, glass which is used in physics to filter the different frequencies or colors of light. As such, its color will not fade over time.  As you see here, the first 4 references in this collection come in red or blue tones.  But the future possibilities are myriad.  “thousands of possible colour combinations, potentially guaranteeing each customer a unique watch” Hublot says.

Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Vitrail (Stained Glass)

45mm black ceramic or titanium case, hand-wound Hublot manufacture caliber HUB6017 (skeleton tourbillon, 5-day power reserve)

502.NX.0001.LR – Tourbillon Titanium Red Vitrail, Limited edition – 20 watches
502.CX.0001.LR – Tourbillon Ceramic Red Vitrail, Limited edition – 20 watches
502.NX.0003.LR – Tourbillon Titanium Blue Vitrail, Limited edition – 20 watches
502.CX.0003.LR – Tourbillon Ceramic Blue Vitrail, Limited edition – 20 watches

Hublot Red Stained Glass Tourbillon Watch

Hublot Blue Stained Glass Tourbillon Watch

Interesting, though niche, concept — will be interesting to see where Hublot goes with this.

first pic credit: Hublot

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  • goju1

    Most appealing (to me) Hublot yet (excluding divers).
    If there is only 80 to be produced then I will be surprised if they are not already sold!


      That is how it works, Goju. Limited production performance cars and limited production watches are all sold prior to introducing it to the public. It frustrates me because what is the point or showing off something new, like the Lamborghini Veneno for example, if it is already spoken for?! It is lousy because unlike other things that depreciate in value the original owner gets a better deal price wise than the next person who buys the car or watch.

    • Perpetuelle

      Nice watches, I agree. Might be cool to do a mosaic effect — with multiple different colors of stained glass in the dial!

      • goju1

        That would be a good watch to wear to Church! Maybe ‘Mr Hublot’ delivers it next year…

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