Hublot Antikythera Mechanism (live pics)

Baselworld 2012:  After grabbing some spy shots of Hublot’s mysterious Antikythera device then under development in July 2011 (and two follow up stories (HERE and HERE), I finally have the actual Antikythera watch which has been presented by Hublot at Baselworld 2012. Fashioned in a minimalistic square-ish Titanium case, to keep all the focus the mechanism, the Antikythera watch has forged a link between Hublot and it’s futuristic vision and manufacturing techniques, with an epoch that predates modern technology.  The Antikythera’s mystery lies in the fact that according to traditional historians and archeologists, our ancestors believed that the earth was flat and was located in the center of the universe. The original Antikythera mechanism however demonstrates that our ancestors in fact had a vast knowledge of the cosmos, and knew that the Earth was round and orbited the sun, and that the moon orbited the earth in an elliptical orbit.  While the pieces will not be sold to the public, 4 examples will be made, 3 to be housed in different museums around the world, and one to be sold at a fundraising auction to be announced soon.   For more information on the workings of the watch, please revisit my aforementioned stories (above).

 Hublot Antikythera Mechanism