Harry Winston Project Z6 Watch

Project Z6 In 2010!

In 2004, Harry Winston Project Z was developed to create original and limited edition watches which would bridge heritage and modernity, high technological innovation and fine watch making tradition.  Project Z watches – actually part of Harry Winston’s Ocean collection – represent a subtle blend of sport and high-tech, and utilizes a unique metal alloy called Zalium – a Harry Winston exclusive and watchmaking first (more about Zalium below the jump).

Until now there have been 5 Project Z watches, and now we have Project Z6 – with a hand-wound, 24-hour alarm clock movement developed specially for Project Z6 and exclusive to Harry Winston.  Project Z6 will comprise of just 350 pieces – 250 with anthracite dial and 50 with silver dial (exclusively available at Harry Winston salons).  The watch has a 44mm Zalium case set on on a rubber strap, thus maintaining the sportiness of the watch.  You will also see another design feature unique to the Project Z watches – a small shuriken shaped disk whcih on the Z6 indicates the seconds rotation.   A shuriken is the traditional ninja throwing star and in the Projedt Z series is intended to underscore the series’ cutting-edge sports design.  You may also notice the “W” shape of the crown guard – another signature HW design element.  Check it:1963_Harry_Winston_Z6_Anthracite

Now, about Zalium because I know you are all curious.  Zalium was developed by Ronald Winston, a noted chemical engineer, and also a man who like his father – Mr. Harr Winston himself – “knew how to distinguish a great diamond from a good one” (source:  Harry Winston).  Zalium, harder than titanium, is a zirconium-based alloy.  Zirconium is used in aeronautical engineering (jet and rocket engines) as well as for surgical implants and instruments.  As Zalium, (a registered trademark of Harry Winston), its hypo-allergenic and corrosive resistant properties allow for the creation of watches with ultimate durability and design.   Ronald Winston name Zalium for the zirconium and allium lily.

The Harry Winston Project Z6 Watch Movement (hand wound)


Here are some more details on the watch, per Harry Winston Timepieces:

Producing a crisp sound, the alarm clock is set with the crown and activated by using a repeater-style trigger positioned on the case at 4 o’clock. Designed to be seen — not only heard — a visible hammer is fixed to the case to show the alarm ringing and enhance exterior sound transmission. The monobloc bell is crafted from one rectangular piece, resulting in better sound amplification. When the movement is fully wound, the alarm will last approximately 20 seconds. Further emphasizing the practical functionality, the double barrels guarantee a 72-hour power reserve and ensure the complication will not disrupt the movement timekeeping. The two barrels can be wound at the same time, for added convenience. The excentered dial features two overlapping disks displaying the primary time and the alarm clock, each with separate day and night indicators. Both hour/minute time and alarm time are conveniently set by using the crown, and can be wound clockwise or anticlockwise. Composed of 18 layered parts, the complex dial uses five different finishes to create a highly dimensional design: Côtes de Genève, silver vertically brushed, slated brushed, blued steel and satin finished.