Harry Winston Opus 11

New Masterpiece…

Harry Winston has unveiled the Opus Eleven, created in partnership with Denis Giguet (MCT).  Three overlapping cylinders on three levels are configured to deconstruct time – the main circle is the hour’s domain, flanked by two pavilions.  One sub-circle shows the minutes on a jumping disk for the tens and a running disk for the units; the other shows off the beat of the big titanium balance-wheel.  Apologies as the pics I have do not make it easy see exactly what is going on on the main dial, but I’ll post better pics soon. Anyway…here she is…

Update:  New pics. WOW.  All I can say is WOW.  Look at the micromechanics of how the “hour” is presented in the main dial.  Fascinating

Harry Winston Opus Eleven

Limited edition of 111 pieces, crafted in white gold

Every 60 minutes under the hours display falls into a frenzied anarchy, only to recover in a split second to display the current hour.  There are no hands on the dial  — instead there are 24 mobile “pallets” (6 per satellite in each quadrant) that form the figure of the time according to a complex gear mechanism mounted planetary gear train.  To see this in action will truly be a sight to behold.

close up of the dial mechanism — it displays the hour of day in the middle via four micromechanical

this is the sub-dial that displays the minutes:

and this sub-dial is merely for further visual enjoyment of the wearer/observer:

Denis Giguet and MCT Team

Denis Giguet trained as an engineer and started making a name for himself in fine watchmaking. The experience he gained with such firms as Rolex and Harry Winston developed into a visionary approach far in advance of the watchmaking industry. Familiar with the design and construction of highly complicated watches, he worked as production manager at Harry Winston. In 2007 he launched his own brand, MCT, and designed the Sequential One, a far-reaching development in creative engineering for which he involved the crafts of more than 20 experts in their fields. His creative energy has given birth to Opus Eleven, a timepiece where his own vision of time is perfectly expressed by the Harry Winston personality.


There are no hands on the dial