Harry Winston Ocean Triple Retrograde Chronograph

DLC-Zalium (ref. 400/MCRA44ZKL.S) see through dial


DLC-Zalium (ref. 400/MCRA44ZKC.A1)

Here’s a first look at several new references of Harry Winston’s Ocean Triple Retrograde Chronograph model.  I’m not sure when this model was first introduced, but right now there are only three references offered on the HW website.  As the name says — there are three retograde chrono counters on this watch — not an easily achieved feat!   These new reference are in Harry Winston’s “Zalium” metal case (black DLC-finish) for a more sporty look, or more luxurious versions in pink, yellow or or white gold.  All watches are 44mm case size, with automatic mechanical movement. There are a variety of different dial finishes — mostly a mix of satin and guilloche finishes.  Prices here will be around $35k in Zalium case and $48k in the golds.

If there are any specific models for which you’d like to see a close-up of, just drop a comment and I’ll be glad to update the post and add a high-res close-up.  Check them all out, on the jump

Pink Gold Case

Black Dial (Ref. 400/MCRA44RC.K) Silver Dial (Ref. 400/MCRA44RC.W3)

White Gold Case

Black Dial (Ref. 400/MCRA44WC.K) Silver Dial (Ref. 400/MCRA44WC.W3)

So of course you can see that, by virtue of being retrograde chrono counters, the principle of the circular counter for seconds/minutes/hours is replaced with the three arcs.  Each of which – upon reaching the end of its arc – must instantly return to its original position so that the time interval can continue.  One interesting bit of math here is that, over a period of 12 hours, the seconds counter returns to its initial position 43,200 times.

DLC-Zalium – (ref. 400/MCRA44ZKC.W1)

Carbon fiber

 DLC-Zalium (ref. 400/MCRA44ZKC.W2)

 DLC-Zalium (Ref. 400/MCRA44ZKC.W)


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    Black zalium 36200$.
    Rose or white gold 48100$!!!

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