Grieb & Benzinger Polaris Watch

Boutique German watchmakers Grieb & Benzinger first came onto my radar in May of 2010 when I wrote a short intro to the brand.  Even though annual production is quite small (hundreds of pieces), I’ve tried to keep them on my radar because the watches are so incredibly amazing and any die-hard watch guy will appreciate their finely crafted, skeletonized and engraved pieces.

By way of background Jochen Benzinger is acknowledged as a leading specialist for hand-skeletonized timepieces and guilloché.  Kinda like another fellow whose work I know and admire, Armin Strom (must see:  my Blue Chip Skeleton review).

For 2011, Grieb & Benzinger are offering what they call their “Boutique Collection”, a lineup of three pieces: the Polaris, the Pharos and the Blossom, each in a 43mm solid 18k red gold case, and each incorporating the brand’s masterful and intricate hand-skeletonizing and guilloché.  Today I’m showing you the Polaris, which is outfitted with a mechanical movement, a partally skeletonized sterling-silver dial with intricate decoration and red gold chapter rings.   The retail price for the Grieb & Benzinger Polaris is $40,000 – $45,000, which I think is well worth the hand-decorated and skeletonized masterpiece that you receive in exchange for your money.

Grieb & Benzinger Polaris

close up (front)

The huge amount of manual labor involved with skeletonizing and decorating watches such as these offered by Grieb & Benzginer make them some of the best watches money can buy, in my opinion — it really doesn’t get any better than this!

close up (back)