Frederique Constant and Cohiba Team up on Limited Edition Watch + Humidor

A Winning Combination…

What a nice surprise today from Geneva-based Frederique Constant — a partnership with renowned cigar maker Cohiba for a limited edition watch and humidor!  Right now I can think of few things better than putting on the limited edition Frederique Constant watch you see below and smoking that Cohiba!

This watch is truly one of the first Frederique Constant watches I find myself being excited about.  For some reason it is hard to put my finger on, I often find that the brand’s watches — though nicely designed and appropriately priced — lack the sort of character or vibrancy that make me want to go out and buy one.  But not this time — the watch has a distinctive and very classy look to it that I really like.  And of course it comes on a “tobacco-brown” strap:

My only quibble is that the numeral “XI” (11) that is cut-off by the Frederique Constant logo looks a bit awkward — I might have preferred if the logo placement were just a few millimeters higher thus avoiding the intersection with the numeral.  Also, I think the I would prefer to have seen the partnership more discreetly memorialized with a “Cohiba” engraving on the caseback rather than the logo on the dial.  But overall, I think the watch looks pretty good.

Available exclusively in the U.S., the watch will be presented in a beautiful box that doubles as a humidor.  I don’t think the cigars are included, but that is a problem that can be quickly remedied by your local tobacconist.  How cool it must be to have a fresh tobacco smell imparted upon your watch every time you take it out of the humidor/case!

Production will be limited edition to just 188 numbered pieces in steel and 188 pieces in rose gold plated.  No word yet on price.

** Update** These limited edition sets (watch + humidor) are phenomenally priced at $1,750 for the Rose Gold Plated version (FC-325CW4C24) and $1,650 for the steel version.

Frederique Constant and Cohiba will be launching these exclusive timepieces during a dedicated event on September 22nd, 2010 at Club Macanudo in New York City.

  • Ralph Simons

    Dear Kyle,

    Thank you for your positive comments on the new Frederique Constant for Cohiba Limited Editions. We are very excited as well about this tie-up!

    In regards to the retail prices, I believe we have another ‘nice surprise’ for you!

    FC-325CW4C24 – Rose Gold Plated version – Automatic – Dual Time – Big Date – MSRP $1’750
    FC-325CW4C26 – Steel version – Automatic – Dual Time – Big Date – MSRP $1’650


    Ralph Simons
    Director of Sales
    Frederique Constant SA

    • Kyle

      Hi Ralph,
      Thanks for weighing in with the additional details. This is a fantastic package, the price is phenomenal, and I commend you on it. The Club Macanudo event is also a perfect kick-off!

  • Vijay Singh

    They should call it Frederique Cuervo or Cuervo Y Frederique. Nice looking watch though.

    • Kyle


      I agree with you on that one — it’s almost as if FC stole the partnership right from CyS’s back yard!

      Hope you are having a nice summer—-

  • Jaydee

    Hi All,

    I must say i like this design better than the Cuervo designs, but i realize that’s personal.

    I also agree that this partnership would have fitted Cuervo very well, but for me that gives all the more credits to FC for being able to close this deal.

    Has Cuervo ever done a partnership with a cigar brand? If not it makes you wonder why….


  • Frank

    Thanx for bringing this to my attention, Kyle! This Frederique Constant with 2 timezones looks very nice and the additional cigars is just awesome.
    I find this model very stylish and classy… sorry to hear it’s only available in the USA.

  • Jon

    Winning combination? A brand that is a fake, and try to take profit of the allure of other else one under the same name. C’mon !!! It’s like you are saying … really cohibas are just for Patek, AP, or Vacheron Aficionados … IMHO …
    If I were the Manager of FC I would never ever mix my brand with such a cigar “second brand”.
    By the way, there’s a lot of great non cuban cigars : Padrón, José Pepin, Rocky Patel, Ashton, etc …
    The watch is really interesing!!!

    • Todd

      Jon you must not be a cigar guy….Rock Patel is a joke. The american Cohiba if you actually smoke one is a very good cigar (Especially the XV). But I guess you only smoke what others say to smoke….most REAL smokers will tell you that cubans are overrated and do not warrant the prices.

      Now that you know act accordingly.

      • Orly

        Hmmm, you haven’t smoked Cubans. Outside Cuba only Davidoff has a complete portfolio.

  • Jon

    Hi Todd,

    I’m used to smoke cuban ones. I’m one of the lucky ones. This is one the few good things of living abroad the U.S.

    It’s interesting, as I have mentioned, Padrón and José Pepín, for me the best ones, out of cuban, and you only focused on Rocky Patel.

    But … that’s not the point! Are you telling me that a superior fake Rolex (priced @ 200 euros) with a good Miyota caliber would be an option for you? or you really are willing to mix it with your products? Please let’s be serious … even it could be a good product … IT’S JUST A FAKE … Cohiba is a brand that was created on 1966 in Cuba, and there’s another company that use the same name in order to take profit …

    I will always prefer to wear a real Seiko, than not a fake rolex. But, it’s just a matter of taste.

    Saludos cordiales,

    • Kyle

      I’m not sure I understand — you have a problem with the Cohiba brand here in the U.S.? I don’t see really what the big deal is.

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